Raise the Roof in 2011


As we enter into a brisk New Year and begin our New Year’s resolutions, we need to consider adding an additional resolution. Many people do not consider inspecting the roof as a New Year’s resolution; however, this is an important commitment to make. Your roof is the single largest structure between you and the elements, and serves as a large factor in protecting you and your loved ones. This time of year consists of heavy winds and weather which can result in various roofing issues and can cause severe damage. Many of these damages could be avoided with proper care and maintenance. Here are some tips brought to you by Cleanrite-Buildrite in considering your roof and its surroundings:


Inspect the Roof:

  • Is your roof free of any falling debris such as branches from trees either on your property or your neighbors?
  • Are your rain gutters clean and free of obstructions with proper drainage at the downspouts?
  • Are there any missing shingles or tiles or “bald” areas in the roof composition due to delaminating layer or rot?
  • Check valleys for proper installation, wear, cracks and deterioration.
  • Are all the joint areas properly sealed with water resident sealant and free of dirt?
  • Is the roof properly vented?
  • Does your roof “pitch” adequately defect heavy rains… or are there puddles of standing water?
  • Are all the “flashing” and metal drip edges in place and properly secured?
  • Is there any “moss” build up that needs to be extracted?
  • Inspect skylights and chimney flashings for proper seal and installation. Look for any cap conditions.
  • Check the electric strike and any wires that may come from or toward your roof.
  • Inspect rubber boots at top of pipes for dry rot and deterioration.
  • Inspect storm collars at pipes for proper seal.


Inspect the Chimney:

  • Are there any cracks or areas pulling away from the roof structure?


Inspect the Attic:

  • Check the interior for any moisture and/or dry rot.
  • Look for damaged or broken rafters and vents.


Taking time to inspect your property will result in a safer home. Be sure that your home is insured to allow the greatest level of safety. All of us at Sweeney & Sweeney Insurance as well as Cleanrite-Buildrite wish you and yours a safe and healthy New Year.