More Summer Fun

                As the weather warms up to that nice “melting shoes to the pavement level”, it is safe to say summer has arrived!  Sadly, summer fun coincides with injury as  kids get out of school with thoughts of adventure.  Summer is the season of skinned knees  as some kids seem to  go out of their way to get hurt sometimes!  What is childhood without a few stitches? Adults on the other hand, tend to have more serious misadventures during summer. Besides paying for their children’s bumps and bruises, they may end up paying for vehicle related damage. Most people can understand that kids get hurt during summer, but what about the grown-ups?

                After all, children are not the only ones who get out of school when it gets warmer out. Many young scholars can pull right out of the dorms and into an accident. Car accidents have been known to increase with the increase of drivers on the road and the hours these drivers used to be in school –  hopefully learning. The fact remains that when it comes to taking risks, the younger the person the more risks they take.

Choosing to wear a helmet is another way to reduce major accidents and avoid an unnecessary risk. 25% of kids between the ages of 5-14 actually wear a helmet. As the age gets higher the percentage becomes smaller. Helmets can save lives. 85%-88% is the damage ratio that a helmet can prevent, including brain damage. This goes for motorcyclist and bicyclists alike, and wearing a helmet is a great way to show that college education in good use. It’s better to think of it as protecting an investment rather than a goofy looking hair Messer-upper.

                Now what summer is complete without that fun on the beach, at the pool, on a boat? Oddly enough there is a lot of danger that comes with these activities. We just don’t have those nifty gills those lucky fish have. Swimming has the potential to do some damage, especially when drinking, putting health and that boat at risk. Safety should be something that is constantly at the back of the mind, be safe and don’t go swimming alone or drink and drive a water craft. Use caution when diving in a pool and in the ocean dive feet first.

                Hooked on summer? That’s good as long it is not to a fishing hook. Summer brings about more cases of stepping on discarded hooks than all the other months combined.  Exercise caution when walking near common fishing areas. It also never hurts to be cautious while casting off and it could be disappointing when that huge fish turns out to be Uncle Steve’s ear!  It is always good to have live bait, but the bait on the other hand may have a few objections!

                Summer fun doesn’t have to end when one of these accidents come along.  Make sure that accidents don’t ruin summer by getting some of the best auto insurance in California. We also provide excellent water craft coverage and health insurance.  We at Sweeney & Sweeney Insurance Services would like to wish you a good summer, for questions on how to get your hook into some great California insurance. Check out ourwebsite or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

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