Mississippi Flood

   Surprises can be great on a birthday and on anniversaries, but not so much when its a natural disaster. Lately there has been a large amount of natural disasters and few people actually see them coming. The latest disaster in the U.S. happens to be flooding around the Mississippi River which has nearly tripled in size. Many residential areas around the great river had to be evacuated and now resemble a modern day Atlantis. The Army Corps. of Engineers have been put to the task of securing the levees and keep the flooding in check. Some of the measures being taken are the opening of spillways. Such as the Yazoo Backwater levee which is used to hold the Yazoo river and Mississippi river from flooding an estimated two-million acres of land. Also the Bonnet Carre spillway near new orleans was opened last monday, and a section of the Birds Point levee in missouri was blown up by the Army Corps. of Engineers. Resulting in 130,000 acres of farmland being flooded.

    Many of the evacuates had to sit by and watch as the water rose above the roofs of their houses. They were told that there was nothing that could be done and they would have to simply start over. Some of these people only having what they could get from their house and a cot in a make shift evacuation center. Shockingly a large percentage of the evacuates had not gotten flood insurance, especially when the area was known for having destructive floods. Surprises are nice for birthdays, but don’t be caught off guard when these disasters occur. Be sure to look into ways to protect assets from natural disasters.

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