Top 5 Causes of Car Accidents

1. Distracted Drivers

The road is a means to get from point A to point B, but it is also a journey riddled with
distractions. Whether it is that text message burning a hole in that pocket or the coffee that was in the
cup but happened to misplace itself on the drivers lap, distractions lead this list and cause 25% to 50% of
most accidents. Among these distractions, the one ranked highest to cause accidents is fatigue. There is
a special place for sleeping and in a car while driving is not that place. This leads to 12% of distraction
related accidents. Other causes: staring at the scenery (10 %), followed by passengers at 9%, then
adjusting the radio and CD player, which causes roughly 7%. Trying to get a CD into the player can lead
to it slipping and falling on the floor. Instead of trying to feel it out on the floor, maybe focusing in the
road should take priority. If anything happens to that beloved disc then at least buying a new one is
cheaper than fixing the dent. Oddly enough reading a newspaper, book, map, and other documents also
cause 7% of accidents on average. Yet I still don’t plan to pick up a vampire romance novel while driving!

2. Drunk Driving

Designate a sober driver, or call a taxi. Drunk driving is never a good idea and leads to many
accidents, as well as fatalities.

3. Speeding

Those big white signs with the speed limit on them are more than just guidelines. Speed limits
are put in place and specifically chosen for safety purposes. Speeding puts the violator and nearby
drivers in danger. Running late is no reason to have an accident, or land in jail.

4. Aggressive Driving

The old adage of “the best defense is a good offense” does not apply to driving. Behind the
wheel it’s the 4th highest cause of accidents. Being cautious and courteous helps everyone get from
point A to point B safely!

5. Weather

Last on the list is Mother Nature. Driving in good weather can be a challenge, but when you add
in rain, wind, sleet, snow and other weather hazards it’s truly a daunting task. When an accident
happens, wishing you had better insurance is a distraction that people don’t need. That’s where we here
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