Car Insurance Rates Dropping!

                As of January 2011, statistics show significant decrease in car insurance rates. This year’s rates have dropped 11% from last year. Since 2009 it has decreased an impressive 31%. Then there is the national average which is 20.6%. Car insurance quotes have been falling year after year and for various reasons. The biggest reason of all is simply the decrease in the overall number of car accidents. 4,304 accidents was the state average in 2005, and in 2009 it was recorded at being 3,075.  We can only hope that it will continue to decrease.  Another reason is the advancement in technology for law enforcement, allowing police officers to crack down on drivers under the influence and getting them off the road; decreasing the overall possibility of accidents.  A decrease in accidents = a decrease in risk for providers = lower premiums.

                All of this in a nut shell means that people are saving more on car insurance. Who wouldn’t want to do that?  This is a great time to get auto insurance in California.   At Sweeney & Sweeney Insurance Services we would like to remind everyone of our California car insurance policies.  Offering insurance to Northern California,  including Sacramento and the surrounding areas, we are confident that you can count on us for all insurance needs.  Contact us today on our website, or find us onFacebook and Twitter.