Fire Safety

It has been a real scorcher so far in July, and it is not expected to cool off for us any time soon. The nice part of this is being able to go enjoy some outdoor activities, like hiking, golf, fishing, taking a boat out on a lake, back yard BBQ’s, really anything you can think of.  Lurking behind all these fun and exciting things is a serious threat not only to our homes and our safety, but also to our states safety, which is fire. In order to protect your state you must protect yourself with fire safety knowledge.

Now that most areas are starting to dry up its time to observe your surroundings and protect your home. There are a few simple ways to do this. For starters get rid of tall dried up weeds in your yard and keep areas that are fertile moist so that they do not die and become fire threats as well. Another easy way for fire prevention is to keep your BBQ equipment away from the home, always close the propane tank after you are finished; if you use coals dispose of them properly by soaking them in water first. If you are a cigarette smoker do not leave one lit unattended whether it is inside or outside, and if driving never toss one out the window, especially in the summer heat. According to the National Fire Protection Agency upwards of 90,000 fires are started each year by cigarettes.

Another way to protect your home if an accident like a fire happens to you is with California homeowners insurance. It is not the law to have homeowners insurance in California, but it is strongly advised because of the risks involved when not having it. The protection of your home should never be at question; good homeowners insurance should cover most losses and give you proper needs if a fire or some other disaster breaks loose on your home. Sweeney & Sweeney Insurance wants to protect your home by giving you an insurance policy that makes sense and covers your needs. Visit our website or call today about the needs and benefits of home insurance and what we can to help.