On Their Own

AJ and his college roommates had just moved into their first college house, and they had a lot of really nice personal items. The first break that the college students had that year was Thanksgiving, and they all were fortunate enough to go home for the week. Sometime during that week their rented house was broken into and thousands of dollars’ worth of their personal property was stolen. From TV’s to clothes it all added up and the boys were devastated; not only over their belongings, but the peace of mind taken from them when they found their house was broken into. The police told them that there was not much they could do, except contact their insurance providers and check for renters insurance.  Out of the four guys living there AJ was the only one who had a policy for renters insurance; with proof of a break in, and proof of the items that were stolen AJ was fully compensated for his property loss.

Summer is quickly flying by, and that means that school is right around the corner. For a lot of parents they will be sending their high school grads off to their first year of college, and for many of those students they will be on their own for the first time in their life. When someone is away from home for the first time in their life, it is important to be protected the same way as if you were living at home. One way to get protection is with California renters insurance.  Often parents think that their child’s possessions are still protected even though they have gone away to college, and unfortunately this is rarely the case. The first thing to do in this new situation is call your insurance provider and find out what is covered in your current plan if your child has moved out. Also know that the land lord is not insured at all for renters insurance; they are only responsible for structural damages. So after you have talked to your agent and figured out what is protected and what is not, you can make the next move and fully protect your child’s belongings. The really nice thing about California renters insurance is that it is not expensive, protects the majority of your personal belongings, and provides liability coverage.

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