Protect Your Home from Lightning Strikes with High Value Home Insurance

Do you have high value home insurance coverage? Does your high value home have a lightning protection system, or surge protectors to protect sensitive electronic equipment from the effects of lightning? 


Lighting is as likely to strike a high value home as a modest dwelling – but a lightning protection installation directs the lightning’s destructive power safely into the ground without causing damage to the structure or contents of your house. A lightning protection system works by providing a path to the ground for lightning. A system has air terminals or a lightning rod at the topmost point of the house, and wires that carry the current to grounding rods at the lowest story of the house.


To protect electronic equipment from damage due to power surges, the electric service panel of a home is fitted with surge arrestors. The surge arrestors provide protection by filtering and dissipating surges that can enter a building by way of power transmission lines as well as incoming phone, data, cable and satellite lines. A surge that is not arrested has the potential to cause a fire, damage the building’s electrical installation, and harm electronic devices.


A high value home insurance policy may offer financial protection from the effects of lighting. Lightning protection systems and surge arrestors cannot prevent lightning strikes, but they might protect a building and its contents from being damaged by lightning.