Do You Need Recover Care, As Part of CA Auto Coverage?

Recover Care is a reimbursement service, where in the event of a auto accident you’re left unable to perform your daily activities; AARP will cover it! Activities such as snow removal, grocery shopping and mowing the lawn; these are just a few of the many services that are offered as part of your CA auto coverage. Below you will find  additional benefits under the Advantage Auto program.

·         Full Value Replacement Cost – If the vehicle is totaled within the first 15 months or first 15,000 miles of ownership, coverage will allow for full replacement.

·         1st Hartford Not-At-Fault Accident Forgiveness – For customers with at least 3 out of 5 consecutive years of clean driving and the customer is not at fault of the auto accident, the premium will not increase.

·         Customer Repair Service Program (CRSP) w/Life of Vehicle Guarantee – Allows you choose from a number of valued auto body repair shops approved by Hartford. This saves you time and money; the auto body locations have already been approved and will guarantee workmanship as long as the automobile is owned by the customer.

·         Recover Care Essentials –  In addition to the information given above regarding Recover Care, the program covers up to a maximum of $2500 pay out and no more than $500 a month on all daily activities needed.

Having extra coverage doesn’t always mean extra hassel. If you need additional coverage and think that the options above would be helpful, or you need further information on the Advantage Auto Package and the Advatage Plus Auto Package, contact your local agent to get you signed up.