Teenagers and Safe Cars, How to Avoid High California Car Insurance

Avoid allowing your teenager to drive vehicles that will encourage reckless driving. Any type of sports car or other vehicles with high performance features could allow your teenager to think they need to use these features on the car. The last thing you want to do is to encourage reckless driving or speeding for your new teen driver. In an effort to keep your insurance premium low,   sports cars or high performance vehicles would not be the cheapest option.  This way you can save money and encourage safe driving.

Don’t allow your teenager to drive a sports utility vehicle, especially smaller SUV’s have a high center of gravity allowing for unstableness when sharp turns are made. Due to the lack of experience all teen drivers have, the likelihood that they will make a last min turn, or overcorrection are high. Keep your teenager as safe as possible and only allow low center of gravity vehicles until your teenager is a mature and experienced driver.

Encourage your teen to drive a larger vehicle, granted, you don’t want your teenager driving the largest car on the road. Small cars do not offer the safety in accidents that larger cars have to offer. However, many mid to full sized vehicles are capable of allowing that strong stability and safeness during an accident. Make sure and check the safety ratings of the mid-sized car before you allow your teen to drive. High safety ratings for insured vehicles might give you that additional discount when it comes to your teenager’s premium.

Allowing your teenager to drive off in the safest vehicle possible will give them and you the confidence needed to create that amazing driver platform. Letting your local agent know the combination of steps that you are currently taking to create that platform for you and your teenager will allow you to get even closer to your desired California car insurance premium.