California Universal Life Insurance 101

Universal Life Insurance is specifically designed to help you increase the value of the inheritance you leave and assure your legacy is preserved. If you have adequately prepared for your retirement and are now focusing on leaving an inheritance, this type of permanent life insurance is a good way to help protect your assets for your beneficiaries. Universal Life insurance might be right for you if you have the following;


             Possess sufficient assets for expected and unexpected expenses

             Desire to leave a financial legacy for heirs or favorite charitable organization

             Are preparing for retirement or are retired

             Have adequate income to live comfortably in retirement


This coverage allows you to leave a death benefit as an inheritance and control who receives it. Unlike many of the financial vehicles used to accumulate wealth, a California Universal Life Insurance policy provides you with an efficient way to leave proceeds to your loved ones and will generally not be subject to income taxes. Speak to your local agent today to get a quote or find out more information.