Historic Homes and High Value Home Insurance

One of America’s treasures is its historic homes, and high value home insurance may be needed to provide financial protection for these precious pieces of our history. In the event of damage from storms, fires, or vandalism, repair or reconstruction on historic homes may require special materials, consultants, engineers and artisans.

Following a catastrophic event, homes on the National Registry may have to be restored using original materials that may be difficult to locate and require specially trained builders and installers. A high value policy insurer will take these things into account when providing the necessary coverage. Special coverage may be needed to protect investment in antique furniture, stained glass, hand-carved woodwork, and original artwork, all of which are commonplace in historic homes.

One of the challenges of restoring such a home is bringing it up to current building codes during the reconstruction process, while still using materials to preserve the historic qualities. A high value home policy may be able to supply a level of coverage needed to meet both requirements. 

The key to choosing the right coverage can be in understanding the value of the structure of your home and its contents. Our agents are happy to answer your questions on high value home insurance and assist you to find the right coverage for your historic home and its contents.