7 Tips To Save On Gasoline!

With the outrageous prices on gasoline the average home is expected to spend more than $3,300 a year on gas. Sweeney & Sweeney knows how hard it can be each month to swing the gas prices. Which is why we found 7 tips to help you save on gas, while also helping the environment too.

1. Maintain your vehicle. A vehicle that runs smoothly uses less gas than a car that has a lot of problems. Regular oil changes, checking air filters, and checking your tires regularly will help keep your car running smoothly.

2. Avoid rush hour. If you are caught in stop and go traffic you will be wasting gas very easily in your car.

3. Cut the weight. Avoid carrying unnecessary loads of weight in your car. This will avoid your car dragging which then requires more gas.

4. Buy a fuel-efficient car. A heavier car wastes gas, so if you find the new designs with a lighter engine you will be better off with your yearly savings.

5. Park in the shade. A hot car evaporates gas, so be sure to park in the shade or in your garage during those hot summer days.

6. Carpool. In this economy many people have a long commute to work. Find a work buddy to switch off carpooling with. This will help save gas and will get you to work quicker.

7. Drive slower and use cruise control. If you are speeding and constantly using the accelerator and the brake you will waste gas.

Sweeney & Sweeney hopes you can help our enviroment by following some of these steps. Be sure to check with your local agent on auto insurance to make sure you are saving! Call us for a free quote today.