Butte County West Nile Cases

Are you wondering if West Nile Virus has made it to Butte County yet? Well, it has. 3 cases in Butte County have been confirmed for the human virus. Cases to date have been people residing in the Chico, Oroville, and Southern Butte County Areas. The newest cases have been middle-aged individuals.

WNV is is transmitted to humans and animals through mosquito bites and mosquitoes become infected when they feed on infected birds. Currently in Butte County, numerous birds and mosquito pools are testing positive for WNV. Sweeney & Sweeney wants everyone to take extra precaution by carefully following these steps:

  • Avoid spending time outside when mosquitoes are most active, especially dawn and dusk.
  • If you are outside be sure to wear repellent containing DEET! Also, it is a smart idea to wear long clothing to be extra cautious.
  • Make sure doors and windows and very tight screens so they don’t get in the house.
  • Get rid of any standing water!!!
  • If you are noticing a mosquito problem where you live contact you local mosquito or vector agency.

Sweeney & Sweeney wishes Butte County good health!!!