Camp Fire Safety

Spring is here and Summer isn’t far behind. I know of at least one camping trip this weekend. Do you know what steps and precautions to take while camping to avoid starting an unwanted fire? Up here in the Sierras we already have a few fires burning away and we’d like to keep the count down for the rest of the Summer as we start our decent into fire season. We’ve compiled a few tips for whatever kind of camping you’re planning on doing be it RV, tent, camper trailer, or just a few sleeping bags out under the stars.

1. Make sure you are aware of all local rules about building camp fires. In many fire danger in very high so building a fire may even be prohibited. Make sure you know and follow ALL instructions.

2. Always use a fire ring if it’s available, and build one if there isn’t. Also be sure to clear at least a 10ft circle around your fire ring. Make sure it is completely clear of debris including leaves, brush, any organic material that can catch fire right down to the bare soil.

3. Try not to use gasoline or other accelerants to start your fire. Just make sure you have a good stock of kindling and some old news paper and you should be fine starting a fire.

4. Keep all tents upwind from your fire to avoid embers igniting them. While most modern tents are flame retardant, this does not mean that they are fireproof. Don’t have any open flames inside your tent, keep any tent-approved heaters away from the sides of the tent, sleeping bags, or anything else that could catch fire.

5. When putting your campfire out for the night, take extra care to make sure that no embers are still burning. Douse with water, stir with a shovel, douse again, and make sure to turn over any rocks or logs to check that there are no hiding embers under there. Only leave your fire unattended when you are positive that everything is out and cool.

So remember, just follow these few safety guidelines and you should have a happy worry-free camping trip that’s tons of fun. Everyone here at Sweeney & Sweeney just wants you to be safe and have fun. Click here for more tips!