Health Care Reform: Young Adults

As the country prepares for implementation of
the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a recent poll examined different age groups,
including young adults. The poll showed that a large majority of Americans want, and value, health insurance. Among the public overall, 87 % say it is “very
important” to them personally, 88% describe health insurance as “something I
need,” and 68% say insurance is worth the cost. This includes young adults, who
say health insurance is very important to them and that cost remains the biggest
barrier. Many young adults want health insurance, but struggle from
unemployment, employers not offering insurance, or getting coverage is just too expensive. With
the ACA coming into effect, more opportunities will be opened for young adults
to obtain affordable coverage. Large employers are required to offer coverage
to their full-time employees and tax credits are available for individuals
based off their gross income. Sweeney & Sweeney hopes the Affordable Care
Act will give people of all ages a peace of mind. We are aware of the struggles
and the cost restraints it brings to many people, which is why we are here to
help you through it