4th of July Safety Tips for Pets


I know we’ve all been guilty of it at some time or another:
sneaking the pup scraps from our plate, taking them to see the fireworks with
us, and I’ve definitely seen more than a few of my friends slip some beer into
the dog’s dish. But these habits that you probably think are harmless, could
actually be detrimental to your furry friend.

  • Don’t let your pet get into the alcohol. Alcohol can poison
    animals and possibly lead to coma or even death due to respiratory failure.
  • Don’t put any non-pet-approved sunscreens or bug sprays on
    your canine companion. Ingestion of these chemicals can cause vomiting,
    diarrhea, lethargy, and DEET can lead to neurological problems.
  • Make sure all matches and lighter fluid is somewhere where your
    pets can’t get into them. Ingestion can cause difficulty breathing or even
    kidney disease.
  • Don’t feed your little one anything outside of their normal
    diet as it can cause them digestion problems (especially in older pets).
  • Keep all glow sticks away from your pets. Serious
    gastrointestinal irritation could occur from ingesting both the chemicals and
    the plastic.
  • Keep pets away from citronella candles and other insect
    repellent products as the inhalation of fumes can cause central nervous system
    depression and aspiration pneumonia.
  • Don’t take the pets around the fireworks. Whether you’re
    just setting little ones off in the streets, or watching the main event, they’re
    not good for your furry friends. Street sparklers and fireworks can lead to
    burns and other trauma and the big fireworks are too loud for their ears and
    can be antagonizing and scary.

It’s fine to want to share the festivities with your
four-legged buddies, but just keep these tips in mind to make sure that both of
you are having a good time all day and night. Sweeney & Sweeney wishes
everyone a happy and safe holiday. Happy Independence Day everyone!