Grilling Time!

With summer smoldering away, many people are turning to
grilling. You may know how to grill up a perfect steak, but are you fully aware
of all the safety precautions you should be taking. We’ve gathered a list of
safety tips for you to consider the next time 
you break out the briquettes and grill.

Picking the right place to put your grill is extremely
important. Make sure the area is well-ventilated (i.e. away from anything that
could catch fire) and away from where pets and kids will be playing.

Never add lighter fluid directly to hot coals. The flame can
travel up the stream and burn you. If your coals are taking a while to start,
put some lighter fluid on a few new briquettes and, using long-handled tongs,
and add them to the warm coals and light a match.

Do not close the lid until you are ready to cook. Doing so
could cause the fire to go out, or a rush of flame when you open the lid again.
Closing the lid can also keep the lighter fluid from completely evaporating and
leave your food with an odd taste.

Always use insulated, flame-retardant mitts when working
around the BBQ as coals can reach temperatures up to 1,000°F.

To put out the fire, place the lid on the grill with all
vents closed, and let the ashes cool for at least 48 hours before disposing in
a non-combustible container. If you have to dispose of the coals before they
are completely cool, burry them in a heat-proof container filled with either
sand or water. Do not pour coals into water or water over coals as the steam
could burn you.

Everyone here at Sweeney & Sweeney hopes you have a fun,
safe summer grilling with your friends and family. Share some of your favourite
grilling recipes!