Back to School Prep!

No kid looks forward to the end of summer and school
starting back up again, but there are some steps you can take to ease them back
into the school year.

  • Easy the kids back into their school-year routine – Start getting
    them to go to bed earlier and getting up earlier so that it won’t be such a
    shock to the system when they have to start getting up so much earlier again.
  • Get organized ahead of time – Many stores have already
    started their back-to-school sales. Get out there and start shopping for your
    school supplies and new school clothes now, so that you’re not scrambling and
    stressed out in the first days of school starting up, trying to get everything
    your child needs.
  • Plan school-time activities now – Start talking to your kids
    about what extra-curricular activities they’d like to get involved in. If you
    can start getting prepared early, that will also take some stress off when the
    first day of school/sports/clubs rolls around.
  • Set up a pre-determined homework routine – talking to your
    kids now, and agreeing on a homework routine for when school starts also takes
    some of the stress out of getting your kids to get their homework done. No one
    likes homework, but it’s a fact of life, and if you and your yougins come up
    with a plan together, this can help alleviate some of the chaos.

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