Simplify Your Life!

The first week in August is Simplify your Life Week. In
honor, we’ve come up with a few … simple ways to help simplify your world.

  • Go paperless – Instead of receiving your bills in the mail,
    many companies will actually offer you deals and discounts for going paperless
    and using their online services. Not only does this help unclutter your mailbox
    (and often your counter tops) but it also helps you to produce less waste.
  • Say “no” – It can be easier said than done when you really
    want to be able to help out everyone (and don’t get us wrong, that’s an
    excellent ambition) but sometimes you just can’t be everywhere all the time.
    Trying to say “yes” for everyone can cause you to overbook yourself which
    causes you stress. Try limiting yourself to only saying yes when you actually
    have the time to commit.
  • Condense your online shopping – Shopping around at many
    different stores online can make things a little crazy trying to remember which
    store had that amazing LBD you had your eye on. Downloading the
    Hukkster app can help you keep
    track of everything you have your eye on, and even alert you to when the items
    you’ve collected go on sale, so you never miss out on a deal on the things you
    actually care about.
  • Use a social aggregator – Condense all of your social media
    sites into one. There are a ton of sites out there—RebelMouse, Hootsuite,
    Flock, FriendFee, Streamy, etc.—that can help you out with this endeavor. This
    way, you can keep up with what’s going on with your friends, without logging
    into 3, 4, 5 different sites!
  • Have you heard about Manilla? – Manilla is this great site
    where you can organize all of your bills, daily deals, and subscriptions in one
    place. You can even set up alerts to remind you how much to pay on which bill
    when. I don’t know about you, but I’m always forgetting about my PG&E bill
    until the last minute.

There are plenty philosophies out there that talk about “simplifying
your life”, but I think most of us feel like this is easier said than done.
Thanks to the wonders of technology, this concept is getting easier and easier
to grasp. Another great way to simplify your life is to have all of your
insurance policies in one place. Call up Sweeney & Sweeney for a quote on
your life. We handle everything from your home and auto, to your business, to
your health/life insurance! J