National Book Lover’s Day!

In honor of National Book Lover’s Day, our agency has come
up with a list of our favourite books/authors, and why we love them. Hopefully
this list can be some inspiration for new books for your own collection!

Jessika Hobbs (Reception/Social Media) – “I don’t think I
can pick a single book as my favourite, so I’ll have to go with my favourite
author. I love Ellen
because she’s a very honest author. She writes about the things in
the world that most of us would rather pretend doesn’t exist, and she does it
with characters that make you fall in love with them so you’re able to
sympathize and relate. The way she writes, you’re really able to get inside her
character’s heads and they’re very realistic.”

Glenda Perez (Commercial Lines) – “I am an avid reader and
my two favorite books of all that I have read are a Stephen King novel “The Stand”
and a novel by Robert McCammon
“Swan Song”. Swan Song is a story of post-Apocalyptic nuclear war and the
wasteland that results and follows a young girl named Swan and others in a
fight for survival and the battle between good and evil that determines the
fate of humanity. “The Stand” is another book about the struggle between good
and evil after a plague (a super flu) is accidentally spread to the world’s
population and wipes out almost everyone. It is an epic story of those who

Jamie Pilgrim (Individual Health/Health Care Reform Expert)
– “Black Beauty: It’s a
sweet story about a horse that I couldn’t put down when I was a kid.”

John Sweeney (Owner/Health Care Reform Expert) – “The Willie Mays book” (I think
one could safely assume any book about Willie Mays J)

Roberta Johansen (Personal Lines Manager/Commercial Lines
Representative) – “A Kick in the Attitude by Sam
: Having a positive attitude and outlook in your life, whether it is
personal and/or professional is continuous work. I have read this book a few
times – it is an basic old fashion reminder of how to jump start your attitude
when your life is on a roller coaster. I laugh throughout the whole book –
out loud!”

Paris Derochea (Personal Lines Representative) – “I have
enjoyed many books by the author John
. I love a good legal thriller but even more I like true crime
writing. Although he is mainly a fiction writer, one of my favorite books is a
true story he wrote called The Innocent Man. The book is about a man wrongly
convicted, put on death row for 17 years and eventually exonerated by DNA
evidence after 20 years in prison altogether. The research that went into this
book is astounding. I also find it interesting the story behind the story.
 Grisham was named in a libel suit due to the controversial topics in the
book in which he was subsequently named ‘an innocent man’.”

Keri Orcutt (Commercial Lines Manager) – “My favorite book
to read to my daughter is Goodnight
by Margaret Wise Brown.  It’s so simple and quiet, it makes the
perfect bedtime story for a two year old!  She has to point at the mouse
on every page and say, “squeak, squeak, squeak”.  When  I am finished
she says,  “’gain mommy”.”

Cheryl Benjamin (Health Department Head/Health Care
Reform Expert) – “I have books that I always read when I’m sick – no matter
what – and I never read them when I feel healthy. Every year as fall starts I
always have to bring out the Harry Potter series and read it again, even though
my daughter is now grown and away from home, I love those books and all the
memories of her childhood that they bring back to me. When I get really busy or
am pushing a deadline I love to read Indiana Jones-type books, horror stories
or adventure/spy books. I can always take time out to read a Jane Austin book
because she is such a great author and makes me wish I lived back in that past
era (upper class, of course!). I grew up in a family of readers. It has always
been a joke for my family and friends that I am a speed reader like my Dad. You
would think that is a good thing, but really it’s not. I share books with my
sister and friends and am ALWAYS waiting for them to get done so that I can
have the book they are reading. Then, I get it, a few hours later it is done,
and I’m saying to myself, ‘What will I do with the rest of my morning?’ 
It makes it hard to have a relaxing Saturday lazy day when you have to find
another book to read again and again!!!  When I go on vacation I have to
plan my reading material so I don’t run out (literally). Thank goodness for a
Kindle so I don’t have to lug 7 – 10 books in the suitcase along with my
vacation clothes anymore! Well, happy National Book Lover’s Day to all the book
lovers out there!!!!”