Health Care Reform: Women’s Health Care

Beginning this past August, health insurance plans began covering certain women’s preventative care services at 100% (i.e. STI testing maternal support, birth control) unless you have a grandfathered plan. Now, what does this mean for you specifically? If you’re a female teen/young adult: important preventative care is covered including STI screenings, birth control as well as sometimes counseling services. If you do become pregnant, much of your pregnancy-care support is also covered through your new plan.

For women trying to get pregnant: During this time, both yours and your baby’s health are exceptionally important. You’re new plan covers many of the screenings you’ll need when you do get pregnant including Hep. B, gestational diabetes, and syphilis. Since fertility testing isn’t considered “preventative”, it’s not completely covered, but may be partially covered. Call your agent to find out what is and is not covered under your

If you’re a woman over the age of 40: Breast cancer screenings is one of the top priority for women in this age group. If detected early, breast cancer can be very treatable, and now your plan covers—completely—mammograms for every one to two years. (You only have to pay a copay if you’re under the age of 40 and not at an additional risk for breast cancer.)

For women over the age of 60: As you advance in age, your body goes through a number of changes. Regular checkups and screenings are an important part of staying healthy. These are now available at no cost to you.

Previously these services could cost you a pretty penny, but now, as long as you’re visiting an in-network doctor and buying covered drugs with a prescription, it’s all free. Feel free to call Sweeney & Sweeney with any concerns or questions, and of course, to get you a free quote on health insurance (either for you as an individual, or for your business).