Heat Wave Ahead!

With temperatures preparing to soar again, it’s important to
know how to keep your body from getting overwhelmed. After our lovely litter
cool down in the weather, many of you may have already started adjusting
yourselves to a fall schedule. Don’t be fooled! This is Chico after all … J

  • Be aware of the heat before you go out. Wear appropriate
    clothing, and make sure you have plenty of access to water.
  • If you’re a runner or enjoy some other type of daily outdoor
    exercise, be sure to not over exert yourself. Significantly increasing your
    heart rate in the heat plays differently on your body than when it’s cooler. (i.e.
    you become dehydrated quicker, you get tired quicker, more severe cramps, etc.)
  • Eating lighter meals are easier on your body for digestion
    when it’s hot out.
  • Be careful about alcohol consumption as it can impair your
    body’s ability to regulate temperature.
  • Make sure to drink plenty of water no matter what you’re
    doing. That headache that won’t quit is probably a sign that you’re dehydrated.
    (Soda and other sugary drinks are NOT hydrating) Nausea can also be a sign of

Don’t get caught off guard with the sudden heat wave
expected to hit this weekend. As always, everyone here at Sweeney & Sweeney
& Sweeney wishes you a fun and safe weekend!

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