Top 4 Reasons to VOTE NO on Proposition 45!

Here at Sweeney & Sweeney Insurance, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service to our clients. We regularly go above and beyond to ensure that our customers are receiving the best possible health coverage available to them at the most reasonable price. It is not often that we ask something of our clients in return. However, we have found ourselves fighting a battle we cannot win alone.

When you head to the ballot box on November 4th, we urge you to take extra consideration when casting your vote for Proposition 45. This misleading initiative backed by special interests groups looking to make money will…

1. Give One Politician Too Much Power

One politician will be responsible for determining co-pays, deductibles, benefits, and even treatment options offered by health insurance providers. Not only will this individual have sole power over these issues, but he/she will also be allowed to accept campaign contributions from special interest groups leaving no protection against corruption.

2. Create More Costly Bureaucracy

Although there is already a system in place to review health care options, Proposition 45 calls for the creation of a duplicate regulation program. It is estimated to cost tens of millions of dollars annually for the bureaucracy, salaries and benefits required to run the new program. The extra costs will ultimately be paid for through increased health insurance premiums making health care more expensive.

3. Hurt Small Businesses & Employees

The new insurance commissioner could interfere with the insurance market for small businesses by increasing the amount employers must pay to have their employees insured. This amplified cost could force small business owners to reduce or even eliminate health insurance plans offered to their employees.

4. Interfere With Your Treatment Options

The insurance commissioner would also have authority over treatment options available under your health insurance plan. This would mean that a single politician would be responsible for deciding which health care options patients are allowed to receive.

Proposition 45 does nothing to guarantee reasonable insurance rates and quality coverage, but instead leaves the decision making to a single politician with no safeguard against fraud. We at Sweeney & Sweeney Insurance believe health care decisions should be made my individuals and doctors, not someone with a political agenda. Help us help you by voting no on Proposition 45. To learn more please visit

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